The Nd:YAG laser and the Intense Pyulsed Light treatment intervene in the improvement of some vascular lesions :

vascular spiders

The light penetrates the surface of the skin and it is transformed into heat. This conversion happens selectively in the vessels conataining the pigments (hemoglobine) without destroying the souranding tissues. This result in reduction of the diameter of the vessels.

Is the session unconfortable?

A feeling of heat and an erythema appear, possibly followed by an edema or small momentary bruises which reabsorb in few days. The improvement is generally progressive.

The number of sessions is rather variable, several sessions are necessary according to the state and the depth of the vessels, 1 sessions every 10 to 15 days is usual and then one annual session to maintain the result or to treat new lessions. It is thus necessary to warn the patient of the need for maintenance.

Solar exposures are highly disadvised in order to obtain a good result since sun exposure accentuating the dilation and the rupture of the blood vessels. Thus, the use of an anti-solar cream is mandatory during few days. It is important to protect the patient from any bronzing, with the risks to induce hyperpigmentation.

Vascular treatments (Nd:YAG or IPL)
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