peelings and aesthetics treatments.Peelings  accelerate the natural exfoliation of the skin. It is a safe and common treatment acting on the epidermis and the superficial and middle layers of the dermis.

The destruction of the outer dermic layer will lead to the reconstruction of a new one, a process called  re-epithelialization. The effect in the dermis will be characterized by the formation of new collagen and elastin causing skin remodeling.

The superficial peels use mainly glycolic acid, alphahydroxyacide (AHA) or fruit acid, lipohydroxyacide (LHA) or trichloroacetic acid (TCA 10-20%). The medium peel reaches the upper reticular dermis (TCA 30%). There deep peels reach the mid-reticular dermis in contrast the phenol peel acts on the deep layers of the skin which although very effective, involves significant risks.
Cosmetic Peels:
Promotes prevention of aging, radiance, lightening, and clean smoking deposits. It also treats enlarged pores, fine wrinkles, age spots, chloasma, melasma and stretch marks.

Medical Peels:
For the treatment of acne scars, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and actinic keratoses.
The course of a session:

Pre-peel: For a better efficiency of the peeling it is strongly advised to prepare the skin for at least 2 weeks before the first peel through home care prescribed by your doctor. This simple act help to  detect a possible allergy or to avoid  post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation dark skin.
Peel: The application of the selected acid lasts about 15 min. The skin should be cleansed. The application  can be a bit painful, it causes a feeling of “cooking” with a light redness that can last up to 2 days.
Post-peel: This is a phase hydration that last few days allowing regeneration of the skin.
There is virtually no complications in the superficial peel. A few small scabs may occur but are still reversible within days.

For a medium peel post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is possible for a few months especially for darker skin types.

After treatment sun exposure is not recommended  for 15 days for a superficial peel and for 3 months for a medium peel. Sunblock is necessary in case of exposure during the period.

Peel Mask      300 .-
Contains 30% glycolic acid. It is a chemical exfoliant to refine the epidermis (skin radiance, fine lines, acne, enlarged pores and gentle skin smoothing). Four sessions are recommended.

Milk peel        400 .-
Contains 50% glycolic acid, lactic acid 10%, salicylic. It is a peel that will stimulate the skin, act on wrinkles, smoothing effect and gives a clear glow. Four sessions are recommended.

Cosmo peel    400.-
Contains  tricloracetique acid at 15% and 18% TCA, lactic acid, citric acid, salicylic and glicerine. It is a chemical exfoliant for spots, wrinkles, stretch marks, smokers skin  and facial rejuvenation. Four sessions are recommended.

Spot peel         500 .-
Contains mandelic acid, idebenone, emblica, retinol and salicylic acid. Suitable for all skin phototypes. Scrubs acting on pigmentation,  pregnancy melasma, post inflammatory pigmentation. Four sessions are recommended.

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