bioWe are what we eat.  Food is the new plastic surgery.  Beware of plastic.  Buy water filters.  If you haven’t caught any of the media hype about the new wellness wave you’re behind the times.  As an understanding grows about how our food culture has moved far from nature and into the sci-fi realm thanks to processed, genetically altered and toxic food – a revolution is afoot.  A coup d’etat against the food industry is occurring because of a new level of education amongst consumers.  A growing demand on our natural resources has led most people to question where our food comes from and how it is produced.  It is impossible to ignore a startling rise in obesity and cancer.  But the wellness of the body does not end with a good diet.   It is also reliant on our environment, our water sources, our cookware, our habits, the personal care products we routinely slather on our skin (the body’s largest organ), the functioning of our endocrine system, how clean our insides are, our sleep patterns, our commitment to exercise and our ability to control mental stress.  With the right instruction and an understanding of how our bodies work, people can reverse aging, halt disease and re-shape their bodies.

If all of this is overwhelming, you’ve come to the right place.  Aesthetics Clinic is now introducing a personal wellness consulting program.  Prospective clients are offered a free hour consultation with a consultant to determine their interest.   We offer a customized menu of options to re-direct your habits down a more efficient path to fight aging and boost your immune system.  You’re not alone in this.  We want you to look and feel younger and to be healthier.


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