Breast augmentation 60 years old

Breast augmentation 60 years old

Breast augmentation is the most popular and frequently performed cosmetic surgery procedure in Europe.

Many women undergo this procedure, and not only at a young age. Breast augmentation is the ideal way to improve the shape and size of the breast. The procedure involves placing breast implants under the breast gland or under the pectoral muscles.

Most people associate the procedure with women in their 30s and 40s, but in reality the procedure has no age limit.

Even women in their 60s and 70s undergo the breast augmentation procedure and achieve satisfactory results.

Undergoing breast augmentation at 60

The main factor determining suitability for the procedure is health rather than age. Some people choose the procedure as breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, while others have it after an accident or simply to restore or improve the shape and size of their breasts to achieve a more youthful appearance. Whatever the reason, if you are healthy, you can have a breast augmentation at any age.

Cosmetic breast surgery after 60

Breast augmentation can be an excellent choice for women over 50, as it can boost self-confidence and bring a newfound femininity to a woman's body.

It is also important to know that women over 50 have realistic expectations of the procedure, as they realise that the procedure will certainly improve the appearance of the breasts, but will not bring back the breasts as they were at 18 years of age.


To be the best candidate for breast augmentation surgery, age is the least important factor. You can have the procedure even if you are 50, 60 or 70 years old. The important factors that need to be taken into account are your immune system and your general good health.

Dr. Xavier Tenorio, the breast augmentation specialist at Aesthetics, needs to know your medical history, prescribe blood tests to ensure that you are in good health and do not suffer from any serious pathology before considering the operation in Geneva!

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