Breast implants Motiva Ergonomix

Breast implants Motiva Ergonomix

The benefits of using Motiva breast implants are many. They can give you more natural results and a less difficult recovery process. Motiva is a global healthcare company with over 30 years of experience in the breast implant industry. It has helped thousands of women achieve their desired appearance while providing the highest quality breast implants.

A new breast with Motiva Ergonomix implants

Here are the advantages of choosing Motiva breast implants for your breast augmentation! The choice of breast implants will be discussed with Dr. Xavier Tenorio in Geneva and this choice also depends on you and your body type:

Basically, we list the advantages:
  • Nanotextured and biocompatible surface that reduces the risk of capsular contracture.
  • Microchip identifying the prosthesis, so that the surgeon can easily find all the information he needs.
  • Blue outer coating: this feature allows the surgeon to immediately detect any manufacturing defects. The clear-coated implants do not provide any warning bells before insertion of the implant, which could then rupture after the operation is complete.
  • Truemonobloc: a multi-layer system that combines the silicone gel, the outer layer and its shell. This allows for extreme flexibility in inserting the prosthesis and adapting to the shape of the breast.
  • Very soft silicone gel: the gel used for round and anatomical implants is very fluid and extremely malleable. The gel used in ergonomic implants, on the other hand, is cohesive and dynamic, able to follow the movements of the breast.

The advantages of Motiva breast implants

There is a wide range of breast implants on the market that can meet any budget. Each implant used is individually examined and tested to ensure that it meets the highest level of quality and safety. Do you want the best breast implants money can buy? Being well informed is an important part of the decision making process.

If you have never heard of Motiva breast implants, you are probably wondering why anyone would choose Motiva breast implants for their breast augmentation. Although there are many different types of breast implants, breast implant surgery is still considered one of the most effective, natural, and safe ways to enhance your feminine appearance.

Motiva implants

The implants used during the operation can have different volumes and projections. This is necessary in order to be able to adapt the ideal prosthesis to different breasts in order to obtain the most natural result possible. We will find low, medium and high projection prostheses. For the same volume, we will therefore have low and wide or narrow and high prostheses.

The choice of this range of products is explained by their characteristics, which are often superior to those of other implants on the market.


First of all, Motiva implants have a very special surface, which they have patented. The surface is nanotextured and is virtually smooth.

In 2019, the macro-texturing of the prostheses, which gives the surface its roughness, was incriminated as a cause of large cell anaplastic lymphoma (BIA-ALCL), in a very small percentage, almost zero. The patent on nanotexturing therefore stems from the need to protect the patient from this possible problem.


Some models of Motiva prostheses are born with a reactive gel, designed and produced by the parent company. The special feature of this gel is that it adapts to gravity. Therefore, if the patient is lying down, the gel is normally placed inside the surface of the prosthesis, while when the patient is standing, the gel is placed in the lower part, imitating an anatomical prosthesis, thus respecting the anatomy of the breast. This particular type of prosthesis with reactive gel is used in all patients who want a very natural and soft effect, while in patients who want a more prominent upper pole, we use a prosthesis with normal gel.


Another special feature of Motiva is the microchip, which is only installed in implants with reactive gel. This patent from the parent company is a kind of identity card or passport for the prosthesis. Thanks to an external reader, we can obtain the history and technical specifications of the prosthesis, even if the patient has lost the documents or is in another city or another country.

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