Gummy Smiles

Gummy Smiles

Gums shouldn't overshadow your smile!
The Gummy Smile treatment, which has become popular in recent years with the growing awareness of smile aesthetics, enables people to achieve a perfect smile.


In Gummy Smile treatment, gum reshaping solves the problem of short, small and shapeless gum structures.  People whose gums are more visible when they smile experience a significant increase in self-confidence after a Gummy Smile treatment.
Systemic diseases, vertical growth of the upper jaw, thin upper lip structure, small teeth, hard work of the smile muscles, genetic factors and long-term drug use are all reasons why the gums become even more visible when smiling. In this case, an unattractive image can appear when the person laughs. The Gummy Smile treatment in aesthetic medicine is used to remedy this problem!

How does a Gummy Smile treatment work?

During the Gummy Smile treatment, patient-specific planning is carried out. Before planning, the gums are examined and, if there are any problems, they are corrected. Tooth stones must also be removed. Then, the gums are shaped surgically. At this stage, a gingivectomy and gingivoplasty can be introduced in parallel with the procedures.

Various injection treatments may be necessary to achieve the goal of a harmonious smile!

What happens if the Gummy Smile treatment is neglected?

If the Gummy Smile problem is not treated, the person is affected not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from an oral health point of view, and the overall image can be negatively affected. The problem of Gummy Smile due to deteriorating gum health should not be overlooked and treatment options should be considered immediately.
Gummy Smile treatment requires expertise, as a Gummy Smile treatment varies depending on the causes that lead to a deteriorating smile.
An attractive smile is not so much about the exact dimensions of the teeth and gums as it is about how the smile fits in with the whole face. In an ideal smile, the upper lip is just above the top edge of the teeth - usually about 0-2mm above the teeth, to be precise.However, in the case of a "Gummy Smile", an above-average amount of gum tissue is exposed.
The gummy smile creates a visual disharmony of the overall facial proportions. As mentioned earlier, the gummy smile is very common. The condition affects approximately 15% to 25% of the population with a higher percentage of young women between the ages of 15 and 35 affected than the rest.

What causes a gummy smile?

An excessive amount of gum tissue covering the teeth is one of the most common causes of a gummy smile. Teeth are normal in size; they are only covered by extra gums. The teeth look short because they are partially covered. If the excess gum is shaped and removed, the teeth look the right size and the gum is less visible.


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