Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia

Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia

It is not news that paradoxical hyperplasia is a possible side effect of cryolipolysis, deserving careful consideration by the aesthetic professional who applies this service in a clinic in Geneva as elsewhere! However, it is not only with the use of this equipment that one runs the risk of intercurrence: a new research shows the incidence of paradoxical hyperplasia after radiofrequency.

What is paradoxical hyperplasia?

Considered a rare effect, but already well elucidated in the scientific literature, paradoxical hyperplasia is not the result of a mechanical or professional error.

For reasons that are still unknown, the treatment does not lead to a reduction in fat mass, but rather to a hyperplasia of adipocytes. As a result, an increase in the number of fat cells and fibrosis occurs at the application site, resulting in larger and more compact fat. This effect, when it occurs, is usually visible within 1 to 6 weeks after the aesthetic treatment.

Cryolipolysis by coolscultping

Cryolipolysis is a cosmetic weight loss procedure that is included in the list of body contouring treatments.

It involves freezing body fat (adipose tissue). It is usually performed in areas that are difficult to access for fat removal. This is why the treatment is so well accepted by patients worldwide. Because it does not require the use of scalpels and anaesthetics. In addition to being more accessible. In the procedure the person is subjected to a device that separates the fat and freezes it.

And after a while, this frozen fat will be eliminated by the body itself. Another factor that makes the procedure very attractive. Besides being safe, quick and painless, there is no need for prolonged rest. Thus, it does not interfere with your social life or your work.

Conclusion on paradoxical adipose hyperplasia

Aesthetics is constantly changing: new evidence is constantly emerging, forcing a rethink of clinical practice to promote greater safety and efficacy of treatments.

It is clear that we need more studies on the risk of paradoxical hyperplasia. However, under the principle of health and wellness, it is necessary to warn patients of the possibility of this complication while knowing that your Aesthetics clinic is doing everything possible to avoid this very rare complication!




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