Tuberous breasts

Tuberous breasts

The breast is a symbol of femininity. There are many sizes and shapes of breasts. However, in some women, the breast has a particular deformity. In medicine, this breast deformity is called a tubular breast, but in common parlance it is often referred to as a tube breast or a trompe l'oeil breast. Tubular breast is a malformation of the mammary gland that results in a change in the shape of the breast. Women with this malformation usually feel uncomfortable in their own bodies. This breast shape can cause extreme suffering.

Tubular breasts - Causes and treatment of a tubular breast

If the breasts have a slight deformity, a support bra may be sufficient to conceal them. In severe cases, when the deformity is very pronounced, a correction of the breast shape is inevitable. In addition to the deformity, a tubular breast has no volume and ends in a downward point. During a personal consultation, you will learn more about the possible reconstructive treatment methods at the Aesthetics Clinic in Geneva!

What does a tubular breast look like?

A breast deformity can be recognised by various characteristics:
- The base of the breasts is very narrow, they lack volume.
- The breast is pointed rather than round.
- Due to the underdevelopment of the lower half of the breast and the weakness of the connective tissue, the breast sags downwards.
- The areolas are quite large.
The causes of a tubular breast in cosmetic surgery are underdevelopment (growth disorder) of the breast. The tubular shape of the breast is congenital and develops during the embryonic phase. The malformation is therefore genetic, as in the case of an underdeveloped breast.

Causes of a tubular breast

Studies suggest a genetic link and assume that the female breast is caused by an excess of collagen in the fascia (sinewy skin) and connective tissue. The tubular breast only appears when the breast begins to develop at puberty. As the breast grows, the areola can no longer support the weight of the glandular body and sinks downwards. This is how breast deformity occurs.
The fact that no breast is perfect makes a woman so special. However, it is not always easy to come to terms with your body. Tubular breasts are not only a mental, but also a physical burden for those affected. This usually starts at puberty, a very sensitive period for girls because of the development of the breasts. Already at this stage, self-confidence may decrease due to the deformity of the breasts and one may try to hide oneself.
A tubular breast can also cause psychological stress during sexual intercourse. Thus, women affected cannot really enjoy sex because of shame. Combing leads to not taking off the bra at all or to darkening the light.
No bikini or bra will fit properly due to tubular breasts. Due to the drooping areolas, the tubular breast usually spills into the bra, causing the bra or bikini to not fill out properly.
This problem eventually affects the clothing.
You may not even be able to breastfeed properly because of your tubular breast and the lack of glandular tissue. The inability to breastfeed, however, depends on the extent of the malformation of the tubular breast. A pronounced malformation causes more problems than a normal breast with a slight tendency to be tubular.
The tubular breast is clearly a burden for those affected and can be corrected by an operation performed by Dr. Xavier Tenorio using the most modern surgical techniques. In this case, the quality of life can be significantly improved and you can finally feel good about yourself again. This is possible thanks to the treatment methods of plastic surgery.

The way to beautiful breasts: correction of tubular breasts and breast augmentation

Normal sagging breasts can often be prevented by using a suitable bra or by exercising. Tubular breasts, on the other hand, are congenital and can only be treated with a surgical breast correction. As one of the best addresses for breast surgery, Dr. Xavier Tenorio will be happy to help you with his expertise. Depending on the degree of deformity, breast correction is performed either by breast augmentation with autologous fat or by breast augmentation with an implant. The connective tissue structure of the tubular breast is cut away and the breast tissue is reorganised.


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