AESTHETICS CLINIC welcomes you to its new facilities which opened its doors in Champel – Geneva since September 2011.

AESTHETICS is a clinic specializing in cosmetic surgery, aesthetic medicine, injectables and laser which was founded by Dr Xavier Tenorio, FMH in plastic surgery in 2009. Since its conception, the center has always taken care to bring the best technology to treat its customers safely.Dr. Tenorio regularly attends courses and conventions of his specialty to be able to offer the best treatments to his clients.

Dr. Tenorio practice all cosmetic surgeries. He has a special interest for cosmetic surgery of the breast, body contour and face. He also practices liposuction, micro-liposuction, lipo-transfert and micro liposuction to treat all the little imperfections.

AESTHETICS today offers various services, including laser therapy for permanent hair removal, deep and superficial vascular treatments, pigment spots, sun damage and facial rejuvenation. It also offers aesthetic medicine in all its aspects, in particular with injectable products derived from botulinum toxin and fillers for facial rejuvenation, wrinkle treatment, volume restoration of the lips and cheeks. The clinic also offer rejuvenation treatments and skin tightening by radiofrequency multipolar (Freeze) or LED lamps.




This fantastic clinic, located in the heart of Geneva, offers you the opportunity to give a treat to your face. Dr Xavier Tenorio specialist in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine has developed several protocols to restore the essential elements of youthful looking skin without changing the nature of the face. ‘Natural results’ are the priority on his clinic.

Multi-faceted treatments are formulated based upon a precise analysis of the facial structure to determine the areas that need refreshment.

A complete refreshment treatment involves application of one of several of the following technologies :  Nd:YAG lasers for superficial vascular lesions, medical Intense pulsed light better known as IPL for the treatment of sun damage, Alexandrite lasers for permanent hair removal and resurfacing lasers (fraxel) for the renewal of the skin and the treatment of the wrinkles around the lips and the eyes.


We also use LED lamps technology to induce photo rejuvenation by the combination of different types of light. The blue light therapy is specific for the treatment of active acne. Red and violet light induce skin photo rejuvenation and wound healing increasing the amount of collagen in the skin.

Aesthetics Clinic combines the LED treatment along with chemical or laser peels in order to obtain the best of each one which results in exponential benefit.


Multipolar radiofrequency is another technology consisting in a deep massage of the area to be treated with a hand piece that increases the skin temperature to around 40 degrees. The heat is produced by an electromagnetic field that activate the fibroblast in the skin, responsible of collagen production. This extremely satisfying massage results in skin tightening due to collagen formation. The areas of application are the sagging skin of the lower aspect of the face, the upper aspect of the neck, inner aspect of the arms, tummy, buttocks and thighs. Radio frequency is also widely used for the treatment of cellulites in association with a micro-liposuction normally done under local anesthesia.


The chemical peels are ‘soft’ and superficial and do not required the patient to be secluded. The peels contains different amount of fruit acids, salicilic acid, tri-cloro-acetic acid and glycolic acid. The concentration of each one of these acids are perfectly combined in order to induce a change in all the layers of the skin without leaving a visible redness thus being extremely discreate. One of the clinic’s protolol combine the use of chemical peels with the immediate use of  LED phototeraphy to enhance the results of both techniques.


The prevention of wrinkles formation and the restoration of those already formed can be achieve by the combination of botulinic compounds and gel of  hyaluronic acid injection. The results are breathtaking, achieving a very natural look without ‘freezing’ the face. Discretion and patient safety is the rule number one in Aesthetics Clinic


All the procedures of aesthetics plastic surgery are also performed in Aesthetics Clinic. Eyelid surgery, chin liposuction and a soft face lift are very frequently performed.


One of the most common procedures is lipostructure. The intervention consists in transplanting the undesired fat from one part of the body to another. Face rejuvenation and breast and buttocks augmentation can easily be done without the need of a total narcosis.


In the other hand, breast augmentation with breast implants is the number one procedure with more than one hundred implantations per year. The breast implants used in Aethetics Clinic are certified.



NEED OF HAIR TRANSPLANTATION?… consult in Aesthetics Clinic.


Today, benefit from a hair transplantation is far easier than you might believe.

Hundreds to thousands of hair follicles can be mobilized from one site

to another in order to treat those areas affected by hair lost. The

procedure is performed by a group of experienced professionals giving

you the opportunity to benefit from the latest technologies in

mono-follicular or multi-follicular transplantation. The follow up is simple

and the results striking.


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