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butt pictureKim Kardashian is the legend of the buttocks or maybe the 8th wonder of the world in the eyes of some people. Do you envy her curves whenever you see one of her appearances on TV or in magazines ? It is true, indeed, that well-placed curves and firm buttocks are always welcome and are proving to be an undeniable asset of seduction!

Tired of your droopy butt, flabby and soft? Dreaming of wiggle yourself in skinny jeans in the evening with shapely buttocks and the Jennifer Lopez? The sessions glutes abs of your coach are slow to take effect and it de-motivates you?

Bombshell! Cosmetic surgery transformed into a jiffy your dream into reality! The solution: buttock augmentation operation.

Buttock Augmentation: What is the procedure?

The buttock augmentation is a procedure that is the cosmetic surgery to change the volume, size and shape of the buttocks when deemed underdeveloped, or sagging dishes. This may be due to a significant weight loss or due to the natural process of aging.

Depending on the type and wishes of patients, two interventions are possible to increase the buttocks: buttock augmentation with implants or fat transfer (also called lipofilling).

What is the difference between these two types of intervention?

Buttock augmentation buttock implants by:
This method requires a similar surgery on breast implants. The prostheses are the same (composed of silicone gel) but are firmer and more resilient. They are made of a solid texture that prevents flow of the gel and also without cracking. Prostheses, whose shape and size have been previously selected with the plastic surgeon, are introduced via an incision in the cleft (so no scars visible on the horizon!) And positioned between the tissues of the gluteus muscle.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia or deep sedation, takes about 90 minutes. The patient should remain at rest for 48 hours. Ordinary physical activity be able to return a week later.
Postoperative result of buttock augmentation by prostheses or buttock implants is relatively simple.
The implants need to be evaluated once a year (so it is better not to do to foreign!).

Type of anesthesia: general
Operating time: 90 minutes
Sick leave: 10 days
Final result: very stable in time can
Note: Patient thin without fat.

Buttock augmentation with fat transfer:
This is a more natural method since it does not involve foreign bodies. This procedure is also surgical and requires local anesthesia and sedation that allows to intervention needs without asking for leave days at work.
As a rule the patient can return to work one to three days.

The process is simple: the fat is taken from the patient and will subsequently be purified through a filtration system to keep only pure fat and known to be one reinjected. The result is natural but nevertheless it is in this case an increase in volume in addition to a change in the form to the sites or the fat has been removed.
This type of intervention allows comprehensive body contouring: decreased love handle and stomach with an increase in the upper part of the buttocks and the gluteal party sure to give more projection and lifteur effect

Type of anesthesia: local and sedation
Operating time: 120 minutes
Sick leave: no
Final result: stable at 3 months
Note: Patient with fat reserves

The curves are now back in fashion and this comes straight from South America. The buttocks, well trained, swaggering to be more fluid, more attractive, quite a boost to your strengths seduction!

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