Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment
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Acne is an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands; it usually occurs during puberty in adolescents and young people, from the age of 12 years to 25 years

About Acne Treatment

Acne occurs from the age 12 to 25 and may extend a little more. What has been noted is that a lot of people confuse adult acne with another disease called rosacea, caused by stress, tension, and aggravated of alcohol, hot food or places with high temperature.  Rosacea patients often presents: red face, papules (boules harsh), and small veins on the skin.

Aesthetics surgery

The manipulation of the lesions is not recommended. In some cases this action generates greater inflammation; the lacerations can be infected and leave more serious scars. It is not recommended to   extract pimples. Skincare should be done by professional who carried out this process in a clean environment with sterile equipment.



The treatment depends on the acne type, it can be external (creams) or internal (by the use of oral medications). For non-inflammatory acne, a good number of facial or exfoliation treatments are enough.

The results

As mentioned before, this condition usually appears in adolescence, when the body is not well formed or fully grown. In addition, teens with acne are less prompt to socially integrate among other teens and schoolmate, leading to decrease of self-esteem and insecurity.

Type of Anaesthesia and Hospitalisation

The scars of acne are difficult to treat. We normally use ablative lasers and light therapy to treat scars and hyperpigmentation .Unfortunately, scars cannot be erased completely. However, most of our patients are very satisfied with our result. That is why the specialists should ensure to prescribe an effective treatment to avoid the buttons and therefore the scars.

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