Acne treatment (Nd:YAG laser or IPL)
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Acne is due to a hyperactivity of  the sebaceous glands where the accumulating sebum can not be drained by the pore. These blocked pores become the seat of a inflammatory phenomenon sometimes followed by infection.

During the treatment, the light crosses the cutaneous layers and arrives exactly at the level  of sebaceous glands, destroying the ecosystem which bacteria needs to reproduce preventing its proliferation. The luminous flash will also stimulate immunizing defenses which will kill the bacterium responsible for the infection.

How does it a session take place?

The sessions will take place every 10 days, each meeting will involve a visible improvement.

The channels and the pores blocked by the excess of sebum are unblocked and the redness  disappears. The pores are tightened giving a better aspect to the skin.

Without side effect and painless, this treatment allows also a stimulation of the fibroblasts, producers of collagen, which will improve de quality of the skin.