FREEZE – radio-frequency and magnetic pulse Geneva
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Radio-frequency treatments in Geneva
Magnetic pulse treatments in Geneva

Freeze TM, combines radio-frequency and magnetic pulses into the treatment of:

  • skin tightening
  • anti-aging
  • non-invasive lipolysis
  • cellulite

This synergic effect is due to heat, produced on the poles of the hand piece which is transferred to the body in the areas to be treated. The treatment, consisting in a soft massage with the head of the hand piece:

Induces neo-angiogenesis (creation of new vascular vessels) improving the blood flow on the treated area. This condition improves the cells quality secondary to a better perfusion of oxigen, vitamines and nutrients. It also improve the venous drain helping to achieve an effective elimination of toxins ans CO2.

The heat transmitted by the octipolar hand piece induces a non-invasive lipolysis which has been observed by the analysis of the cell’s form, by the observation of its membrane permeability and microdialisis.

It has been also demonstrated that the treatment by radio-frequency increases the amount of collagen released by the fibroblast present in the skin resulting in an augmentation in the thickness of the skin with a further contraction (skin-tightening)