Pigmentary treatments
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This is directed to treat non supsected pigmentary lesions without relief, like the solar spots, the senile spots, melasma, which all are abnormally pigmented zones of the skin which have a strong concentration in melanin. Its origin is solar exposure in around 65% of cases, the rest results from cutaneous ageing, problems involved in the hormones (or pregnancy) and the genetic factors.

The heat released by the light will be absorved by the melanin contained in the spot making it possible to fragment the melanin without producing a burn nor abrasion. The surrounding tissues will not be injured.
Following the treatment, the pigments components are eliminated in a natural way by the lymphatic system.

How many sessions are necessary?

On average 5 sessions are necessary to gradually fade the pigmentarz spots.
Immediately after the treatment, the spots become slightly darker, increasing their color in the following days. This phenomenon will disappear thereafter 1 to 2 weeks.

Solar exposure is disadvised during the month following the treatment. And it is important to mention that during one month the treated skin has a certain tendency to become repigmented.