Skin tightening with radiofrequency
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Skin tightening with radiofrequency


Over time, skin becomes thinner and loses its elasticity creating wrinkles and skin laxity.


How Radiofrequency works:

This technique is a combination of radio frequencies and magnetic pulses which tightens the skin. This synergistic effect is due to the heat produced on the poles of the hand piece which is transferred to the body in the areas to be treated. The formation of new vascular vessels improves the blood circulation of the treated area as well as the secondary quality cells, which allows a better perfusion of oxygen, vitamins and nutrients. It also improves venous return, helping to effectively eliminate CO2 toxins. It has also been demonstrated that radiofrequency increases the amount of collagen released by the fibroblast present in the skin, resulting in an increase in the thickness of the skin making it firmer.

  • Duration on treatment : 20min for the face
  • Price : 200frs/session for the face
  • Offer: 6sessions for the price of 5
  • Interval between session : 1week
  • 6 sessions is recommended. Can be carried out as many times as desired.
  • Every skin can be treated, even black skin
  • Almost all body part where there is a laxity can be treated
  • Radiofrequency is painless, it gives  slight sensation of pleasant warmth.
  • Immediate social activity is possible after the treatment.
  • Due to the waves, patient with pacemaker or metal implants near the treatment can not use this technology.