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What is the soft mummy tuck?

Liposuction Genève, transfer de graisse, micro-lipo-sculpture GenèveIt’s a treatment intended for women. Primarily those who have had children but applicable to everyone. For all women, mothers, wives, daughters, who have given so much to others, how about taking something back for yourself? How about a thorough teeth to tummy renewal? A treatment package that became dubbed the ‘Soft Mummy Tuck’ on account of being popular with mothers wanting to feel like their former selves, is a non-invasive aesthetic treatment package. Exclusive to Aesthetics, one of Geneva’s most prestigious aesthetic clinics, it begins with teeth whitening, deeply cleanses the skin with a renowned medical peel and then works on firming and tightening those problem areas with the latest cryolipolisis (that’s the fat freezing one!) and radio frequency technologies. Packages are bespoke and carefully crafted with a leading Swiss trained plastic surgeon for every single persons individual needs.

What does the “Soft mummy Tuck” offers?

A medical check up with an specialist in order to evaluate and treat 3 key areas:

– face
– breasts
– body contour (tummy)


Deep smile rejuvenation with a check-up by our dentist and a teeth whitening
Skin analysis and cleaning by applying a medical peel


Skin analysis and skin tightening by light therapy.

Body contour:

Tighten tummy’s skin by radio frequency. Non surgical fat removal can be evaluated (which may imply an additional cost)

The project is decided with one of our doctors and it last 6 months.
Special price at all: 4000.- CHF


Also important:

Cryolipolisis in Geneva

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