CAVIAR face rejuvenation program
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Benefit from the combination of all the technologies available today in order to achieve outstanding non surgical results in face rejuvenation.
We focus in all the anatomical layers of the face from skin care to muscle activity and volume restoration.
The first step consist in treating the already present wrinkles and the volume loss in the face, usually present in the mid-face (tear rough, cheeks, lips, etc).
We use gel of hyaluronic acid of different densities (depending on the area to be treated) to restore volume and fill folds and deep and superficial wrinkles.
We combine the use of botulinic derivates to decrease the excessive muscle contraction, preventing the progression of  wrinkle depth.

We address an integral skin rejuvenation treatment by the use of a combination of microdermabrasion with chemical or laser peels.

In addition you will also enjoy of 5 sessions of skin rejuvenation with multipolar radio-frequency, red and blue light sessions with our LED lamp and IPL photo rejuvenation. We can also mix all this technologies to deliver only the best of each.
You will also benefit from a moment of leisure and calm with a 60 min facial and neck massage by one of our specialist. The treatment can be organized in sessions over one year.


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