Medical Peels
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peelings and aesthetics treatments.Medical Peels

Peelings  accelerate the natural exfoliation of the skin. It is a safe and common treatment acting on the superficial, middle or deep layers of the epidermis and dermis depending of the type of peels.

The destruction of the outer epidermic layer will lead to the reconstruction of a new one, a process called  re-epithelialization. The effect in the dermis will be characterized by the formation of new collagen and elastin causing skin remodeling.

Superficial peels use mainly fruits acids and retinol and promotes prevention of aging, radiance and lightening. It also treats acne, enlarged pores, fine wrinkles, superficial age spots and superficial chloasma/ melasma.

Medium and deep peels use trichloroacetic acid (TCA)  at a concentration of 15 to 30% and reduces deep wrinkles, stretch marks and acne scars. It also treats age spots, chloasma/melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


Ours peels:

Superficial peel from pHformula®

Price: 250.-/session
Offer: 4 sessions for the price of 3 (750.-)

Our pHformula® peeling are the first peels to combine resurfacing acids with vitamins, anti-oxydants, anti-inflammatory, aminos acids and trace-element inside the only complexe of bio-disponibility PH-DVC®. This complex allows a uniform penetration of fruits acids across the skin which makes ours peels safer than ever.

  1. A.G.E solution
    Indications: dull skin, fines wrinkles, age spot.
    Contains PH-DVC® complex, acide pyruvic, acide lactobionic, acide salicylic, acide mandelic and retinol.
  2. A.C.N.E solution
    Indications: acne, seborrhea, enlarged pore, superficial acne scar.
    Contains PH-DVC® complex, acide pyruvic, azeloglycine, acide salicylic and acide mandelic.
  3. M.E.L.A solution
    Indications: superficial chloasma/melasma and superficial hyperpigmentation spots.
    Contains PH-DVC® complex, acid mandelic, azeloglycine, acide salicylic, acid lactobionic and acide phytic.

Four sessions every 1 weeks are recommended for  better results.


Medium and Deep peel with BRA® AURIGA

Price: 400 .- /session
Offer: 3 sessions for 1000.-

Our BRA® AURIGA peeling is a medical device that allows your doctor to choose the right concentration of trichlorcetic acid from 15% to 30% to exfoliate to the medium or to the deep dermis depends of your skin.
Indications: wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, acne scar, chloasma, post inflammatory pigmentation.

Three sessions every 2 weeks are recommended for  better results.


The course of a session:

Pre-peel: For a better efficiency of the peeling it is strongly advised to prepare the skin for at least 2 weeks before the first peel through home care prescribed by your doctor. This simple act help to  detect a possible allergy or to avoid  post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation dark skin.
Peel: The application of the selected peels lasts about 15 min. The application  can be a bit painful, it causes a feeling of “cooking” with a light redness that can last up to 2 days.
Post-peel: This is a phase hydration that last few days allowing regeneration of the skin. A few small scabs may occur for 1 week but are reversible within days.

For a deep peel post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is possible for a few months especially for darker skin types.

After treatment sun exposure is not recommended  for 15 days for a superficial peel and for 30 days for the medium and deep peel. Sunblock is necessary in case of exposure during the period.