Breast augmentation follow-up

Breast augmentation follow-up

Follow-up of the breast augmentation
A surgical operation such as a breast augmentation is planned very precisely from the first consultation in Geneva. Not only is the operation itself important, but the post-operative care must also be discussed in detail with the patient. Only then will the patient know in detail how to behave after the operation, what rest period should be planned and what risks are associated with the operation.

What to watch out for after a breast augmentation

  • Rupture of the capsule
  • Fracture of the capsule
  • Deformation
  • Presence of fluid around the prosthesis

Your Aesthetics clinic advises you to have your implants checked at least once a year.

 This check-up is only for the breast prosthesis and does not check the breast gland, which is the responsibility of your gynaecologist.

In Switzerland this procedure may be covered by your health insurance. You can obtain information about this from our office.

In about 8% of the patients operated on at the Aesthetics Clinic, these complications were successfully managed.
Immediately after the operation: How long will I stay at the clinic?
Many patients are interested in how long they will stay in the clinic after a breast augmentation before they can go home. Since the operation is performed under general anaesthesia, it is recommended that patients spend at least one night in the clinic. In addition, patients are often concerned about what the normal side effects are and when it is best to consult a doctor. The team at the Aesthetics clinic can examine the treated area with an experienced eye and know exactly when the healing process is not going as desired. If the surgical wounds behave in a worrying way or if complications arise, the stay can be extended accordingly.
Rules of conduct for the return home
As soon as the patient is able to go home, the first priority is to take it easy. After all, only rest and recuperation will allow the breast augmentation wound to begin to heal. Carrying loads, doing sport or housework is therefore prohibited for the time being.
Here are some further tips for the post-operative period:
  • Only lie on your back for the first few nights.
  • Raising your upper body slightly can provide relief, especially if you feel a lot of tension.
  • You can take a shower as soon as the sutures have been removed or dissolved.
  • During the first few weeks after the operation, take a slow but regular walk.

After the first six weeks :
  • Start lifting light objects to regain the necessary strength.
  • Always wear the special compression bra for the first six weeks.
  • If possible, give up nicotine consumption during this period. This reduces the risk of healing problems.

About three months after the breast operation :
  • You can resume some sport.
  • Always test yourself slowly to your limits. Overexertion is detrimental to the healing process.
  • In order to achieve a desirable scar, it is also advisable not to expose the upper body to UV radiation. The sun and solarium can cause visible scars.

Risks after the operation

In the first days and weeks after the breast augmentation, mild to moderate pain usually occurs and can be treated with painkillers prescribed by your doctor. Haematomas, redness, pressure pain and sensitivity problems in the operated area are also possible. These problems are often a consequence of the operation, which cannot be avoided. However, they disappear on their own. Patients can consult Dr. Xavier Tenorio at any time in order to rule out more serious complications if symptoms appear. Dr. Xavier Tenorio should also be consulted before taking any medication.
A possible long-term consequence of breast augmentation with implants is capsular fibrosis. This is a hardening of the breast tissue. If this hardening is particularly severe, it can lead to pain and deformity, which may require a new operation. It is quite normal for a tissue envelope to form around the implant. Only in a relatively small number of cases does this envelope harden to the point of causing pain and requiring additional treatment.


After breast surgery,

Patients should always report the presence of the implant during breast cancer screening. If the mammogram cannot give accurate results because of the presence of the implant, the examination is completed by an ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging.

Breastfeeding after breast augmentation
There are several possible implant positions and incision techniques for breast augmentation. In most of them, the milk cords are not cut, so that the breast operation does not prevent pregnancy or breastfeeding. During the consultation with Dr. Xavier Tenorio, the patient can discuss in detail the possibility of family planning and the possibility of breastfeeding in her particular case after the operation.


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