Breast augmentation in Menopause

Breast augmentation in Menopause

A woman's life is a succession of changes that see her body change.
The breast is one of the parts that changes the most: first puberty, then pregnancy, breastfeeding and finally the menopause. The arrival of the menopause upsets all the balances and is sometimes a source of stress and anxiety for many women.

In this phase, the breasts begin to visibly lose tone and firmness, the shape changes and the ability to accept all these sudden transformations is not always present. In fact, as these changes are radical, many women lose their self-esteem and serenity; no longer accepting themselves, they decide to seek help to recover their bodies and, in particular, their breasts.

Breast surgery in the menopause

The menopause begins, at about one year, at the age of 50 and is preceded by the pre-menopause, the first symptoms of which are felt at the age of 40.

But what exactly is it? Let me start by saying that there is no need to worry: these are naturally occurring changes that vary from woman to woman. Over time, tissues tend to lose tone and elasticity, resulting in sagging breasts, which may appear emptier and heavier. In addition, the different levels of hormones in the body, and their effect on mood and thermal perceptions, sometimes cause the breasts to enlarge.
Menopausal breast pain

Are menopausal breasts painful?

Indeed, breast pain is one of the first symptoms of the menopause, but not all women experience it. During this period, the breasts may be more swollen and painful, there may be a throbbing in the breasts and sometimes small leaks from the nipples. Increased tension is felt and this can be very frightening and alarming.

When we talk about breast pain, we immediately think of the worst. I would like to reassure you right away that, contrary to what you might think, less than 0.5% of patients with breast pain have a problematic disease. These are physiological changes in the body and it is important to be able to recognise and understand them. So there is no reason to panic unnecessarily, but to ward off any fears, I recommend regular checks to keep an eye on the situation.

Sore nipples in the menopause

How many women in their lifetime experience swollen and sore breasts around the time of their period? A common belief is that everything stops with the menopause.
Unfortunately, even in this phase, the breasts do not stop being visible and, indeed, this time even the nipples are very sensitive, to the point of being painful for some.

But what does this depend on?
In the technical jargon, it is called non-cyclic mastodynia, which means breast pain that does not depend on the menstrual cycle. I will never tire of repeating this: every body is unique and reacts differently to others. Having clarified this point, the pain can be experienced in different ways: it can be intermittent (not every month) or continuous; more acute as a twinge or milder as a pain; felt in both breasts or in one; concentrated in a specific point of the breast such as the nipples or diffuse throughout the area.

The causes can be varied, but often the condition is due to hormonal changes or, more simply, the use of a bad bra. Once the body has adapted to the new changes, the pain tends to disappear.

How to increase breast size during the menopause?

If you want to regain a young, firm and smooth breast, the only really effective solution is surgery.

Today, there are several solutions, each of which must be adapted to the initial situation and the desired result. The two most suitable surgical procedures in these cases are mastopexy and breast augmentation.
Both are indicated for older women, and the result is a rejuvenated, compact and firm breast.

Let's look at the differences.


This operation is mainly indicated for women who have sagging breasts with nipples that look downwards but retain some volume.
Through a small incision in the shape of an "inverted T", the breast is returned to its original position by removing the excess skin.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation allows me to work on the emptying of the breast with implants, to be chosen according to the desired result.
This operation is suitable for women who want to fill out their breasts, regardless of their age, to give them new volume.


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