Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid

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Wrinkles appear as part of the normal aging process. They result from the contraction of facial muscles associated to internal factors such as a reduction of the skin elasticity, reduced production of collagen and elastin and the type, texture and thickness of the skin. Some external factors also play an important role as sun exposure, alcohol and cigarets consumption.

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Type I wrinkles are those which are only visible during the muscle activation.
Type II wrinkles are moderately visible without muscle activation.
Type III wrinkles are highly visible without muscle activation and almost represents an scar in the skin. Treatment varies depending on the type and nature of the wrinkle.
One of the leading treatments consists of ‘filling’ the wrinkles through an injection of a gel called ‘hyaluronic acid’.
The effect is immediate and lasts for an average of four to six months.
In Dr Xavier Tenorio’s hands this technique is simple, safe and affordable.

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