Laser hair removal Geneva – Laser Tattoo removal Geneva
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Laser hair removal. How does it work?

The alexandrite GenteLase laser from Candela makes it possible to deinitively destroy 80 to 100% of the hairs of a treated zone, the possible 20% persistent residual hair will be thin in aspect.

The GenteLase laser emits a beam which will be absorbed by the hair’s melanin and hemoglobin present in the blood capillaries nourish the hair’s bulb.
This penetrating light is then transformed into heat damaging the hair’s ecosystem of the hair, in particular:

• the bulb, which is the place where the hair is generated and nourished by a complex microvascular network.
• the bulge, (located at the level of the erectil muscle of the hair) generating site of the germinative cells responsible for the growth of the hair. All the types of hairs can be treated, but the hair must always be darker than the skin color.

How many sessions are needed and how often?

Every part of the body can be treated, however the most common sites are; underarms, bikini, integral and brazilian bikini, arms, legs, shoulders, neck, upper lip, chin, eyebrows and face.
The number of sessions depends on the color and the thickness of the hair, the patient phototype (color of the hair, skin, eyes, etc) and the hair cycle.

The hair growth cycle is divided in three phases :

Anagene: phase of growth, the hair is gorged with melanin and is connected to the bulb.
Catagene: phase where the bulb is destroyed, then the cell multiplication and the production of melanin are stopped.
Telogene: phase of fall (then birth of a new hair).

7 sessions are necessary to obtain a good result.

Each hair has its own cycle which is not necessarily synchronized with the surrounding hair, in addition, the duration of this cycle is very variable according to the localization on the body:
• 3 to 4 weeks on the face, pubic area and underarms
• 3 to 6 months on the legs and arms

According to the localization on the body, the number of hair in anagene phase and their thickness, it is obvious that a long-term result will be more effective in areas with strong hair density during the anagene phase.

Advantages and disadvantages

It is important to know and understand the hair growth cycle well because the Nd:YAG lasers and the IPL systems aim only hair in phase of growth (anagene) since they are connected to the bulb and are gorged in melanin.

Common areas to be treated and prices:

    • Underarms – 200 CHF
    • Classic bikini – 200 CHF
    • Brazilian bikini – 300 CHF
    • Integral bikini – 350 CHF
    • Legs – 800 CHF
    • Half legs – 400 CHF
    • Thighs – 500 CHF
    • Buttocks – 400 CHF
    • Full Back – 800 CHF
    • Shoulders – 300 CHF
    • Arms – 500 CHF
    • Half arms – 300 CHF
    • Neck – 200 CHF
    • Chin – 160 CHF
    • Beard 300 – CHF
    • Upper lip  – 200 CHF
    • Cheeks and chin – 250 CHF
    • Eyebrows – 300 CHF
    • Mid-eyebrows – 100 CHF
    • Full face – 400 CHF
    • Abdomen – 350 CHF

Laser Tattoo removal Geneva / Détatouage laser Genève – Aesthetics Clinic

Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is performed with a Q-Swithed Nd:YAG laser. Most colors can be treated.

  • 1 to 4 sessions are needed
  • local anesthesia is provided
  • 4 to 6 weeks in between sessions
  • most areas in the body can be treated