Russian Lips Geneva

Russian Lips Geneva

Full, sensual lips are among the most important beauty ideals of our time. But regardless of this, many women (and men) feel particularly beautiful and seductive by skilfully emphasising their lips and adjusting their lip volume.

Russian Lips A Popular Demand

It is no wonder that the demand for hyaluronic acid lip injections is increasing year after year! One of the most popular techniques is Russian Lips. Wondering what exactly this is and if Russian Lips are right for you? Read on!


This lip shape owes its name "Russian Lips" to its country of origin, Russia. This is where this particular technique was developed, giving the lips a heart shape reminiscent of the traditional "Matryoshka" doll. This is why Russian Lips are also known as "Doll Lips".


Following the motto "height rather than volume", Russian Lips are primarily about enhancing the shape of existing lips with hyaluronic acid fillers and thus giving them a fuller appearance, rather than significantly changing the overall volume of the lips. A decisive advantage of Russian Lips is the natural and relatively flat result, as no "duckbill" can appear (unless explicitly desired).


Unlike traditional lip injections, hyaluronic acid is injected vertically into the lip with the Russian Lip technique. The treating physician injects the product from the inside out, starting in the middle of the lip and working towards the corners of the mouth. In the case of Russian Lips, the emphasis is on accentuating the cupid's bow and the middle of the lips in order to obtain the much appreciated heart shape.  When injecting the lower lip, the focus is also on the centre of the lip. This gives an overall doll-like look.

Russian lips require a particularly high level of skill on the part of the doctor, as this lip shape involves much more than simply correcting a volume deficit by filling in with hyaluronic acid. Russian Lips require great skill, dexterity, experience and knowledge of the underlying anatomy. This makes it all the more important to only contact experienced lip augmentation experts. The doctor will gladly accompany you on your way to your new lips!

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