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Rosacea is a chronic red rash involving central face, and is more common  t in those with fair skin, blue eyes, and Celtic origins.  Its symptoms are blushing and nose . d flushing, prominent and visible blood vessels on the face, spots (papules) and pustules of the central face, flaky sensitive skin, sometimes red eyes.


About Rosacea

The causes of rosacea are genetic, vascular, and inflammatory factors, as well as skin damage tue to UV light. Hair mites (Demodex) may also be observed in rosacea papules. 

Treatments include creams with antibiotic or antiparasitic agents. antibiotic therapies or 

 avoiding oily creams, topical steroids, the sun, spicy foods, alcohol, hot showers and warm rooms are recommended.Oral treatments by antibiotics and eventually oral isotretinoine may be effactive. 

Vascular laser helps improve the persistent redness caused by the tiny red vessels. there is a noticeable reduction of redness afte approximately 3 sessions. Treatments are spaced 3-4 weeks apart and the results last several years normally  .   it’s important for your dermatologist to know which medications you take, including blood thinners, isotretinoin, and aspirin, if you have medical conditions you have, such as herpes infections (cold sores), if you are sensitive to light, and what results your expect. 

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